Characteristics and position of reusable hand bags

Film spreading method making use of bags, blend solid, the method is not inside the composite adhesive, smooth, no plastic-type feeling, simply no skin irritability, apply for the single one-time health-related, sheets, robes, Geli Fu, defensive clothing, boot covers, protective equipment including the production regarding health, this kind of cloth carrier called sprayed bags.

Its material is especially based non-woven, a fresh generation of green materials, using a moisture-proof, breathable, adaptable, lightweight, non-combustion, effortlessly biodegradable, non-toxic non-irritating, multi-colored, inexpensive, may be recycled and so about.

The substance placed beyond your 90 days may be naturally separated, placed inside the indoor life all the way to 5 decades, burning non-toxic, tasteless, and without the remaining substance, so as never to pollute the surroundings, is globally recognized the protection regarding Earth’s environmentally friendly ring goods. Spunlace non-woven fabric: is the particular high-pressure h2o jet to be able to fine soluble fiber layer or perhaps multi-line, so your fibers tangle together, so the fiber network being reinforced and possess a specific strength.

Temperature all stiched: network identifies the soluble fiber or powder included with hot burn adhesive fibrous support material, fiber network and cooled right after melt in to the fabric support. Pulp airlaid non-woven cloth: can become called wipes, dry non-woven papers. It is the usage of airlaid pulp soluble fiber technology can open the particular song in to a single soluble fiber state, and condensed inside the air way in to the fiber network around the curtains, fiber network and into the particular fabric support.

Non-woven Damp: is put in aqueous media in to a single soluble fiber material soluble fiber opening track, while blending of diverse fiber substance, made coming from pulp soluble fiber suspension, transported for the pulp suspension in to a network regarding institutions, in to a fiber network inside the wet state and into the particular fabric support. Spunbond nonwoven: inside the polymer continues to be extruded, stretched and also form a consistent filament, the filament laying in to the net, and through a unique fiber community bonding, winter bonding, substance bonding or perhaps mechanical support methods, woven in to the fiber community.

Melt-blown non-woven cloth: the method: Polymer nourish – burn extrusion : fiber creation – soluble fiber cooling – in to a network – in to the fabric support. Non-woven filling device: a non-woven cloth is dried up, non-woven cloth is the usage of acupuncture tiny needles to leak the role with the fluffy soluble fiber web in to a fabric support. Non-woven stitch: any non-woven cloth is dried up, stitch approach is the usage of warp coil nailers structure with the fiber community, yarn level, non-textile components (for instance plastic bedding, plastic, slender metal foils, and so forth. )#) or perhaps their mix of reinforcement, so that you can made regarding non woven cloth.

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