Four signature wardrobe tucks

Tucking in your shirt seems so simple, but there are several different ways of doing it that can change the overall feel of your outfit. Let’s look at four of the best ways to tuck.


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This is one of the most common ways to tuck in your shirt and one that is seen in offices around the world. The reason? It can give almost any shirt a tailored look, even if it is anything but. Whilst many wear a loose-fitting shirt for comfort, nothing beats the look of a tailored shirt. The military tuck is one way to combine both style and comfort. It works best with a formal shirt, as you can tuck the fabric towards the back of your trousers and create a slimming effect at the front.


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Unbuttoned tuck

Tucking in your shirt was once synonymous with ‘dad fashion’ and a look that those aged under 30 would never be seen wearing; however, dads all over the world can rejoice at its comeback whilst telling their children that they have always been fashionable. The unbuttoned tuck, with its 50s vibe, is also making a comeback. Tuck your buttoned-up shirt in – one with a deep collar works best – and then undo all the buttons that sit above the waistband.

Tuck and untuck

This is a great way of layering whilst making a formal shirt part of a more casual outfit. You should tuck a T-shirt in, then add a shirt over the top that remains unbuttoned. This works well with Farah shirts from stockists such as and will help you to create the perfect smart-casual look. It can be done with long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, so it is a great year-round option.


It is rare that you see knitwear tucked in; however, this is becoming a particularly stylish look. Stick to lighter knits, as these will sit well when tucked in. Heavy knits will end up riding up or becoming loose, which can ruin the look. You may need a belt to keep any material that is heavier than a standard shirt in place, particularly as knitwear is usually shorter in length. Invest in a stylish belt, which will only add to your overall look. This is an interesting look – when done correctly, it will receive attention for all the right reasons.

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